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Gabriela Milner Art at L/Mercado Studios in Downtown Hollywood

As a child, growing up in Argentina, it was my dream to be an artist.  Being influenced by the women in my family, my religious upbringing, and my surroundings, my mind observed the way life shapes us all.  I loved to draw and fill my sketchbooks with images of both real and imaginary subjects.


As an adult, I took my interest in the art further.  I studied graphic design and learned face painting, which has both taught me to translate people’s desires into expressive, visual images.  While I continue to do both kinds of that creative work, I found that my true passion is in painting.


Being a self-taught artist, my approach to painting is to first consider the meaning of the subjects, what the colors represent, and how they can be combined to create alluring artwork.  My paintings incorporate vivid colors and whimsical subjects, but they also recall themes of resilience and perseverance.


Whether the subjects are females, flowers, animals, or abstracts, my intention is to share the joy I feel when painting.  Knowing that something I have made is being enjoyed by others brings me immense happiness.  Putting my art on this website has been a continuing ambition of mine and I thank you for taking the time to appreciate it.

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